Octapus Restaurant - Molivos' harbour, Lesvos island, Greece - Lesbos, HELLAS


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Octapus Restaurant - Molivos' harbour, Lesvos island, Greece - Lesbos, HELLAS. Logo provided by OCTAPUS RESTAURANT
Octapus Restaurant - Molivos (Molyvos or Mithymna)harbour, Lesvos island, Greece - Lesbos, HELLAS

Imagine a journey that could be yours this summer - Lesvos island, Greece.
Imagine the most unspoilt place you can think of - Molivos' Harbour.

Imagine clean air and panoramic scenery of one of the "10 Most Beautiful Bays on Earth". and feel free THERE to experience the highs of authentic Greek cuisine at THE OCTAPUS Restaurant, right in Molivos' (Mithymna) harbour.

Welcome to Lesvos and beautiful Molyvos!
We hope the sun, sea and culture of our island combined with our food and hospitality refresh your body and mind and help you experience an unforgettable and relaxing holiday.

In the year 1978, Nicolas and Angeliki, started operating this traditional family fish tavern, “THE OCTAPUS’’, in one of the most romantic and picturesque spots in Aegean Archipelago - Molivos' harbour.

Based on quality and fresh local ingredients, fish, seafood, meat etc. and Greek and islander traditional recipes established itself as one of the best restaurants of the island and a "must" for the lovers of good quality food.

The local fishing boats make their daily stops at our pier before they take their catch to the markets.
The vegetables are from our own garden.
The meat is chosen with extra care at the local butcher's shop.
Our mousaka, stuffed tomatoes, calamari (squids), octopus and the rest of the home made appetizers (meze) are delicious!

We are open daily (seven days a week) for lunch & dinner.

When in Molivos this summer, spoil yourself with a visit to our restaurant and experience a perfect blend of good traditional Greek cuisine and personal service.

Good appetite! 

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